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About Us123 Auto Deals partners with globally authorized car dealers and manufactures to find the widest range of latest model vehicles available at discounted prices for you to purchase, lease or finance. With summer quickly approaching, we're eagerly awaiting some seat time in our favorite droptop models, cars that allow us to take in the sunshine and the warm air afforded by the summer months – especially for those of us who reside in states with bitterly cold winters. Reported comments and users are reviewed by Autoblog staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week to determine whether they violate Community Guideline. Ford’s Kuga is one of the first One Ford products of the modern era, designed for global sale and consequently sold in Europe and the United States, where previously each territory developed its own SUV.
But now the 178bhp 2.0-litre diesel from the Mondeo is here - and we’ve driven it for the first time in the recently scrubbed-up 2015 Kuga mid-sized crossover now on sale in Europe. This engine is predominantly about the extra power - up 10% on the previously most powerful Kuga, despite CO2 falling by a similar amount - and the outputs are competitive with class rivals. A resounding 95% of Kuga buyers in the UK choose the 2.0-litre diesel engine, and the Blue Oval predicts that a good chunk of those will choose the high-powered version. But crossovers are not about haring around at full chat, and this SUV feels well judged in normal day-to-day driving.
This is not an enthusiasts’ car, by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s towards the top of the pack in the family crossover stakes. This is an ongoing concern with mainstream Fords, as successive generations have lost some of the class-leading dynamism from the Richard Parry-Jones era, when the Focus, Mondeo, Ka, Fiesta and others ran off with the goalposts and plopped them in the next-door field. The latest Kuga has many tricks up its sleeve, including a nifty foot-waggle system to open the tailgate (a ?350 option as part of a keyless entry system).
Considered in that context, you can see that the top-dog Kuga is a warm-up act for the new, posher Edge coming at the end of 2015. On a launch a few years ago, I drove a facelifted pea green Nissan Almera round greasy north-east streets in grimy fog.
The wheelbase of the Barcelona-built Pulsar, at 2.7 metres, is the longest in its class, no doubt helping the supple ride quality, and rear legroom (all 692mm of it) at least matches a Skoda Superb, and might even better it. The Pulsar also has – and be prepared to fall on them faint with amazement – the widest front door armrests in the sector. Quite where some of the plastics in the cabin were introduced to each other I have no idea. Oddly, the passenger seems to sit a couple of inches higher than the driver as well, although perhaps a slump-shouldered ennui had set in behind the wheel and accentuated this impression. That’s because it handles with little vim, the steering wheel and the suspension it is linked to performing the perfunctory role of moving the scenery about before your eyes. Nissan has, probably correctly, decided that the Pulsar’s owners will not be dreaming of being the next Lewis Hamilton. It does looks okay though, like a not quite fully formed Qashqai, but to turn a well-worn adage on its head, is better in the pictures than in the metal while the carbonfibre-effect rear diffuser, a pointless affectation on most cars, is exceptionally pointless on this one.

So for customers wanting something less pokey than a Juke, not as big as a Qashqai, not as fun to drive as a Focus, or as stylish as a Golf, but better than an Almera, the Pulsar is most definitely for them. Nissan used to build the Almera, then decided to quit the C-sector in favour of crossovers.
If you were to take a straw poll of additions the Toyota GT86 could benefit from, a bit more torque and a slightly nicer cabin would probably top the list. Nevertheless, Toyota has confidently answered the question nobody asked with this, the GT86 Aero. Design’s a subjective thing, of course, but the everything-up-to-11 extroverted treatment seems a missed opportunity, where a more subtle take on the Tokyo street racer theme (like the pre-facelift Nismo 370Z) could have injected the GT86 with some real personality, rather than just the fibreglass equivalent of a flashing bowtie.
The Toyota GT86 Aero has essentially taken a very good car, not addressed any of its flaws and made it less likable. 2015 mitsubishi outlander review, ratings, specs, prices, The basics: with the 2015 outlander, mitsubishi has pitched itself toward families in a way that it never has before. 2015 mitsubishi outlander – specifications, pictures, prices, The mitsubishi outlander is a seven-passenger crossover that straddles the line between the compact and midsize segments. 2015 mitsubishi outlander nj special lease & financing deals, Are you looking for a 2015 mitsubishi outlander in nj? 2015 mitsubishi outlander sport reviews, pictures and, While some reviewers like the mitsubishi outlander sport’s soft ride, they agree that it’s outmatched by rivals that offer better performance and interiors that. 2015 mitsubishi outlander – kelley blue book, 2015 mitsubishi outlander overview with photos and videos.
Accounts are penalized for Community Guidelines violations and serious or repeated violations can lead to account termination. But the majority will pick the cheaper ?30,045 2.0 TDCI version with 148bhp and front-wheel drive. If you live in a hilly area, have a large family or regularly tow, you might feel the 178bhp insufficient.
All the major controls are well weighted, making the Kuga a cinch to drive despite its growth spurt; at 4524mm long and 2077mm wide, this is now quite a big car. Is this the price of globalisation, and the growing importance of connectivity and electronic architectures over clever-clogs chassis tuning? You’ll never tire of demonstrating this one, and it’s properly useful when approaching the car with armfuls of clobber. The new engine has pushed prices up to a toppy ?34,890 on our top-spec Titanium X Sport version, which sounds like it’s nibbling into Ford Edge territory with every addition to its ever-expanding badge (remember when it was just a simple Titanium?).
You’d better believe it: Ford has Volkswagen and its Touareg in its sights, and this model is a stepping stone up the brand ladder. One of the most depressing cars I have ever driven, I thought that Nissan’s phalanx of genre-busting crossovers and bonkers Nismo cars had consigned such motoring nonentities to history.

Spanning 95mm across their softly bolstered width, such cosseting homes for elbows are not usually seen outside the luxury sector, Nissan reckons. It exudes the character of a car built with all the bits Nissan didn’t want for the stuff it gets excited about.
But it must have been dark, for as an example of the lack of bother about finish, a shiny, hard half of the transmission tunnel butts up against a more plusher, softer section, while on every car we tried the gap between dash and door on the passenger side was twice the width of the driver’s side. Piercing this rather dull experience is a crash detection system that screams in panic at the presence of almost every nearby object. It tops the recently rejigged UK range, with a new base ‘Primo’ model at the bottom and the regular GT86 model we know and love in the middle. Under the (actually slightly ill-fitting) skirts there are no mechanical differences from a regular GT86. Colleagues who’ve driven the Aero and ordinary 86 in succession suggest the wider tyres let go a bit more progressively than the space saver-spec ones, but the Aero’s still quick to scribe a wider arc with its rear wheels than the fronts, even at the most modest of speeds. So lively is the chassis that the stability control feels really quite necessary sometimes. Some find the engine’s delivery too flat and its note too harsh (and admittedly, even with its bigger exhaust outlets the Aero still sounds like a phlegmy food blender), the interior too low-rent (a Toyota weak spot in general – how do they manage to make a volume control feel physically unpleasant to operate?) and the handling too imprecise, among various other quibbles. It hasn’t released any aerodynamic performance data, and improbably quotes the same 140mph top speed as the regular, more modestly spoilered GT86.
Other traffic during our test didn’t seem to take to the Aero; not many people were keen to let me out of junctions, or into other lanes on dual carriageways.
So high is the spoiler that you look straight under it through the rear screen (although the repositioned brake light surround does obscure your lower rearward vision ever so slightly) and you won’t scrape the front apron over speed bumps. You’ll pay around ?2500 extra for the Aero than a regular GT86 and more than ?4000 than a basic Primo. Other gadgets of note include self-parking software, adaptive cruise control and voice-operated apps such as Spotify, operated through the Sync AppLink system.
The Sony infotainment system, in particular, is a riot of messy buttons and needs to be simplified urgently. Shame it’s so abrupt when it cuts in, nipping individual brakes to straighten the car with a jolt that’s more unnerving than the tyres letting go in the first place. Unless you really love the way the Aero looks, go for an ordinary one instead and see if you can get a set of the Aero’s wheels and tyres thrown in with some of the change.

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