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VVIP EVENTS Organizing & Catering to all kinds of Luxury Car Get-Togethers all over the UAE! This Ferrari 458 Spider for rent in Dubai United Arab Emirates is the latest in its variant and top of the line specifications!
Rent Hire Ferrari 458 Italia Rent Hire Ferrari 458 Spider Convertible with Dubai Luxury Car Rental!
Fantastic Speeds, Innovative designs, the most powerful and instant shift changes merely tell us about the theory, its when we step inside this gorgeous machine and start the drive to discover its adrenaline thwarting maniac thrills !

Special OffersSpecial Offers* available** on : Ferrari 458 Italia – AED 3500 full day hire Upgrade to a Ferrari 458 Spider Convertible at no extra Charge! Exotic Dubai Car RentalSahiwal Car Rental LLC – we have dedicated our time to your driving wants and needs. We are on Google Map!We are located in a prime location right behind the iconic Burj Khalifa. The C5 arrives boasting true Gallic flair with a stunning look, new engines and a luxurious cabin.

Whatever the occasion, be assured that there is a range of carefully tailored services for you to choose from.
The Citroen C5 is tested here in twin-turbo 173bhp 2.2i HDi VTR+ trim, which gets hydro-pneumatic air suspension as standard.

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