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In Italy, the New Year is celebrated on January 1st by following the traditional rituals like wearing a red under wear as red is considered as a lucky charm for them. In the United States the New Year begins with formal parties and other family oriented activities. Martin Luther King Day in The United States of America is a national bank holiday and it is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of January, which may probably fall around the Kings Birthday on January 15th.
Family Day in Canada is a statutory holiday which falls on the second Monday of February, in majority of the places, while in provinces of Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta; it falls on the third Monday in February. Australia Day was previously known as the Anniversary day, ANA day and Foundation day and this is the official national day for Australia.
Vernal Equinox day which is usually on the 20th or 21st of March, is a public holiday for Japan. In Hong Kong, all the government offices and businesses are closed and it is a public holiday as the Christian population in the country is more.
In the United States of America, the individual states, municipalities and countries observe this day as a public holiday, all the local government offices and states are closed including the financial stock market. In United States of America even though it is not a federal holiday, the tradition and the customs are followed like the egg rolling races that take place in the White House.
May 1st, May Day is also known as the Labor Day, and it is a celebration for the labor movement globally.
For the Germans, this is a prehistoric festival, and a way to welcome spring season, by driving away the evil spirits.
This Vesak Poya Day in Singapore is a religious holiday that is celebrated by Buddhists as a holy day.
The Early May Bank day or the May Day in United Kingdom is a bank holiday, which falls on the 1st Monday of the May month.
Ascension Day is a great day for the Christians of France and Switzerland, as they believe that this was the day when Lord Jesus Ascended to the heaven subsequent to his Crucifixion and renaissance. In the United Kingdom, the spring Bank holiday, falls on the last Monday in May yearly or on the immediate Monday succeeding the Pentecost. It is a federal statutory holiday for the Canadians on the July 1st, as it is the Canada Day. The August bank holiday or the New South Wales bank holiday is on the first Monday in August every year.
Hari Raya Puasa is the Eid Al Fitr of Muslims, which marks the end of the Islamic month of Ramadan. The first Monday of August in Scotland is the summer bank holiday and for the Wales and Northern Ireland, the last Monday of August is the summer bank holiday.
FOREX (Foreign Currency Exchange Market) on Stacks of Gold Coins Isolated on a White Background. Fireworks are arranged all over the city and the party begins for each community; in their respective arranged public space.
This day is one among the three federal holidays declared in the US, dedicated to honor and give respect to an individual personality. It is a day dedicated by the Japanese for their nation and a way to foster their love towards their country. This is a national day for Japanese and this day is of significance as it embarks the vernal equinox according to the Japanese standard time, the equinox date may however differ with the varying time zones. In Canada too this is a public holiday, with major of the offices and government building remaining closed, and the Government has banned the opening of wine and beer shops on this day. It is an official public holiday in England and Wales and all the schools and business sectors are closed.
This is a day that marks the end of the regime of Mussolini, while the 2nd world war ended in 1945. This Holy Spirit day is a federal holiday for the Swiss and they take part in the various religious events that are conducted by the local organizations. This is called the Festa Della Repubblica and commemorates the 1946 institutional referendum, where Italians were called to select the Government form (republic or monarchy) which they wanted after the 2nd world war finish succeeding the fascism fall.
In the United Kingdom, this day is the Banks special holiday for celebrating the Diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II on the 5th June 2012.
This public holiday is also special as it marks the opening of the Australia winter snow sporting. In case the Day falls on a Sunday the succeeding day is considered and declared a holiday, and so in 2012, the 2nd of July was the Canada Day.
This Hong Kong special administrative region establishment day is for the commemoration of the transfer of the Hong Kong Sovereignty from the hands of the UK to the Republic of China. Bastille Day is so named for the English speaking countries and is celebrated on the 14th July of every year. This is a day mainly for the bank employees and hence all the banks in Australia will be closed.
This day is a statutory holiday for many of the provinces and territories in the country but has no legal status. This day is a holiday for the country of Singapore and the Muslims fast the whole day during the month of Ramadan. This day is the end of the summer vacations for many of the people in United Kingdom, as they return back from their homes to join their school or work in autumn. This is an annual day celebration on the 30th August for the victory of the Turkish over the Greeks in 1922. Financial diagram with candlestick chart used in market analysis for variation report of share price Stock market chart, graph on green background.

It is a statutory paid holiday for all the employees and staff in the public and private sectors.
But now, this day commemorates all military officers who had served and died for their nation. This day is of historical importance to Italians as it is a day commemorated to all those people who had laid down their lives struggling for their fascist leaders. This is an official holiday in Hong Kong, this day may vary anywhere in between the end of April to the first week of May. The 30th of April midnight to the early hours of May 1st is the May Day celebration time for the Germans, who observe this day as the Witches night. Christians attend the special prayer meeting in the churches and mark the ascension of Christ to heaven, while for the other people this is a day where they can spend some time with their family, friends and relatives and relish the spring season. This sacred day is marked by the parades that take place all across the country to get the Blessed Sacrament. This day is a great day for the people and they organize the customary fireworks display at the evenings.
The race is conducted at the great public square in the city which is scallop shaped and surrounded by the beautiful and ancient buildings that are specially draped for the occasion.
Major celebrations are held in Sydney and Melbourne in the form of Family fireworks and Midnight Fireworks. Since this day is very next to the New Year day, the celebration still continues for two days in the country with family orientated celebrations. This day is a big festival and all the major shops and the restaurants will be closed for 3 to 10 days depending on the place.
Italy saw many of the women voluntarily fighting for the nation and dedicated this day to them also. The Greenery day is celebrated to commune with Mother Nature and to thank God for the blessings. But all areas or cantons celebrate this day in Switzerland, like for instance, Canton Valais, will not observe this holiday but will instead commemorate the Corpus Christi on the 23rd of June.
Celebrations all over the country mark the day and the events will have a special medal commissioned, a wide competition for the towns so that they can bid to get the city status, and the Greenwich being granted the Royal borough status.
Oceans play a very important role in the life of the Japanese and hence the ocean is thanked for its bounty and unlimited resources.
People have a day off and celebrate the weekend with family, friends and relatives by visiting the Blue Mountains, relish the fresh air or go for shopping. For some people, it is a break to clean up their homes, get the repairs done and improve them.
It is customary for the Germans to foretell the fortunes by Bleigieben (pouring Lead) and following other auspicious actions.
The celebration starts in the colleges and schools prior to the day itself, and they organize lessons and events for the students and the celebration continues till the Presidents day. All the people gather during the forenoon of Good Friday and offer prayers at the churches.
This public holiday in Italy will be celebrated with a robust performance of processions and marches taking place all around the country. This day was declared a holiday since 1998 in Hong Kong, while the nation was handed over to China by the United Kingdom in 1997. Many people attend special lectures that are organized on this day which marks the importance of the constitution that has been enforced for over fifty years.
This day marks the beginning of the summer month, and various events are conducted to conclude the wintertime.
On this day Catholics and some of the Protestants attend the special church services, where exceptional attention is paid for the Sacrament blessing.
This is a holiday for celebrating some of the aspects of history and culture of the nation on this first August Monday.
Major parts of the country will remain closed for the day and the public life is silent and quiet. Many of the major factories and industries stay closed for a longer period, as the workers pay long term visits to their families and relatives. The streets will be covered with concerts and band marches, and political rallies are also held to respect the people who died fighting for the nation. Apart from being a public holiday in Japan, this day is also one among the Golden Week of Japan.
This day also coincides with the Golden week of the Japanese and so they have lot of holidays at a stretch to enjoy. People hold campaigns for their human rights, abolish racism and they also highlight the existing social issues. In few areas of Germany, the celebration continues even after the Pentecost day, like the succeeding Tuesday is called the Forest day, and on this day the fun fairs are held inside the park wooden areas. Since Australia is one of the members of the Common wealth, and is a constitutional monarchy, this day is a public holiday. This day is not only for the serious boating action, but also the whole ambience in Hong Kong covers food, beers and music. The French allies are also called traditionally on this day for the parade, which will then be followed by the march past of the British Royal marines.
King Luther was a very trust worthy and passionate person and his assassination turned out to be a great loss for the nation.
Since this is a serious sporting event, all the participants practice for these days ahead and prepare to meet the stiff competition.

This day is a great day of celebration for the people of USA, as they have deep rooted tradition for the political freedom. This day of gratitude is mainly to bless the ocean for its abundant economic resources and to expect the same economic prosperity in the days ahead. This day is also special for the French people, as they consider this occasion as a special one for betrothals, and Christians pray at the church asking the blessings for their life partners and good future.
They originally started to fight against racism and poor working conditions and for the poverty the people suffered. This is a time for the Japanese to respect the ones who gave their lives during the 2nd world war. It is an official holiday in Switzerland and this festival helps the people to improve their multi cultural awareness. This day normally falls on late January or Early February, and it is one of the most traditional Chinese holidays.
There will be lot of travels and tourists visiting the city for this occasion, and hence all the hotels are flooded with visitors and the fares will be spiking up on this day.
Morris is another dance that is traditionally followed in this period, this is a dance specifically for the boys who are dressed with white bells all around their costumes, carry the scarves and wooden sticks. All the homes and Government buildings hoist the National flag; this is a joyous moment for each and every citizen as they remember the people who gave their lives for the nation. In Endon, the village girls get dressed well and take part in the crowning competition, while the boys compete for the Toss the Sheaf race. This carnival also attracts lot of tourist and spectators from all across the globe for shopping and to witness the greatest and international Dragon boat race.
At Paris, the day begins with the large parade, all the French navy, French foreign legions, military cadets will participate in this parade.
The event may be by preparing and distributing the birthday cake for their province, making the communal meals, lunches, barbecues and supper. This day is a time for forgiveness for the Muslim community and a time for strengthening the bonds in their community. Since the lunar New Year day falls on Sunday in 2013, the 4th day of the Lunar New year will be assigned a holiday as a substitution. Even though George Washington was born on the 22nd of February, the third Monday is dedicated to the Former president specifically. The other ritual followed in Hong Kong is that the Po Lin Monastery is adorned fully and given a festive look, for the grand celebrations and special ceremonies, which will be held there. A huge accordion music is accompanied for this dance and the Morris dancers hold big displays. The veterans attend the Champs-Elysees and are also honored on this day for their dedication and service to the nation. Memorial day is not Veterans day, as the veterans day is for all the living and dead veterans of the US military team, while the Memorial day is for the all the people who died serving for the nation. Even though the origin of this feast is not certain, people believe that a thief will not be allowed to pass through the river, as some unforeseen force will restrain him from crossing, this force is said to be the form of God, which is punishing the thief for the sins.
This day is special for the Air force, as all the Armed forces promotions are conducted on this day, and in fact, all the graduation ceremonies for the students take place on this day only. In the past years, the men used to wear the traditional Robes, but now the trend has changed and the Japanese men can be seen in a formal suit and tie on this day. Public life is disturbed for some time on this day due to the rallies and military parades.
It is customary for the Muslims, to seek for forgiveness from their elders on this day for all their wrong deeds during the past and to start a new life after that. The day was given a holiday basically for the employees of the bank so that they could take part or attend the cricket matches. It is a memorial day for the province of Labrador and Newfoundland, as this day is commemorated for the huge loss of lives of the Newfoundland regiments who died during the 1st world war.
The statue is carried out on the roads, bending the God at three locations, three times, followed by the figure of Christ preceding the Mary God, to the community church for conducting a special benediction. Apart from all this, there is a large march on the streets mainly in London, demanding for the Workers rights. On this Special day for the Muslims, there will be a lavish food table for dining, with varieties like the beef dish, ketupat, lontong and many other treats.
The main aspect on this day is that the people will express their thanks for their liberties and freedom struggled by the 1st generation of the present Americans. The parades, ceremonies, march past and mobile column which lasts for nearly 45 minutes highlight this occasion. The Fly past of the Air force of the Singapore Republic has been followed regularly and is the favorite. At some of the houses, the traditional kerosene lantern, Lampu colok, is lit for decorating the homes; the decorative lamps have however replaced the old ones in modern homes.
This ritual is followed as they believe that the country will have adequate rainfall for their crops, attributing this to the Isis goddess of sea.

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