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One place I would not put glue is when joining cross-grain, especially a top to a cross brace. Oh yes, if you also use mortises between each board, about every foot, you add to make your tops and place and glue wood splices the table will never come apart or warp on you. A 2X4 frame is first made being 2" smaller in length and width than the top work surface you want.
You could make the top surface flush with the 2X4 frame, but leaving a minimum 1" overhang will let you use a clamp when working on the surface.

Yes, you can use 2X4s for legs, and be sorry after you discover the work bench isn't solid! They are notched to receive the 2X4 braces that are placed a foot or so from the floor level. They work great and you don't have to worry about weight like you would with most of the plastic that they put out. It's even nice to place some outside the treadmill, since I walk and exercise in my bare feet or with socks on without shoes or "sneaks".

Now with all these things in mind, and some I have not thought of, you can start planning on how you are going to lay out your operations in the space that you have.

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