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Bow: A warp in which the ends of a board or wooden member curve in the same direction away from the desired plane, usually along the length. Burl: A swirling, twisted figure in wood grain caused by growths on the outside of the tree or root. Chip-out: Splinters of wood that break away from a workpiece during a cutting or shaping process, shown right. Counterbore: A stopped hole in a workpiece that allows you to set a screwhead below the surface of the wood.
Dado: A square-cornered channel cut across the wood grain, typically using a dado set or a straight router bit, shown right. Edge grain: Wood characterized by the growth rings being 45 or more degrees, preferably perpendicular, to the surface of a board.

At Welch's Woodworking, each cabinet, door or custom project is made entirely from solid wood and hand finished.
Each project begins with rough sawn timber and in many cases reclaimed woods from barns, old homes and other buildings. Not only are Welch's solid wood cabinets timeless in their beauty, handmade cabinetry will add value to your home. Welch's Woodworking uses a variety of wood to create your custom cabinet and woodworking projects including reclaimed heart pine & barn wood, quarter sawn oak, wormy chestnut, walnut and many other species. In the event of workpiece kickback, the pawls dig into the wood to prevent it from being propelled toward the operator, shown right. The backer board supports the wood to prevent chip-out as the blade or cutter exits the workpiece, shown right.

Because hardwoods often sell in random widths and lengths, a board foot measures thickness, width, and length to determine the total volume of wood in the board.
While extremely handy for defining lumber needs, cutting diagrams can't account for grain variations in solid wood stock or sheet goods, or for defects in solid stock. During the handcrafting process, each piece of wood is selected for its character, grain and distinctive markings. This creates the attention to detail that makes Welch's Woodworking projects of the finest quality and finish.

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