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Watch this cabinet making video to help you learn how to install crown molding on cabinets for a classy look throughout your kitchen. Gain all the knowledge you need to build your own fully accessorized workbench with this step-by-step video featuring George Vondriska.
One of the easier woodworking projects you can build yourself is a standing planter box for herbs, fresh vegetables, or flowers.
Watch this video and learn how to make a stool seat with a comfortable contour using a rounded router bit and shopmade patterns. Tell us what type of project you'd like us to build in an upcoming Getting Started in Woodworking video series.

While there are many ways to join two boards together in woodworking joinery, most woodworkers carry a respect and appreciation for the time-honored dovetail joint. For both beginning and intermediate woodworkers alike, a well-made and intricately customized workbench is a critical tool to ensure efficiency in all your future woodworking projects. With the ability to stream woodworking videos on any mobile device, you can watch woodworking techniques and project instruction while you work. Think a desktop, like the one shown in this video, a tabletop, cabinets, or even some decorative drawers and doors. In woodworking we call this process “dishing out”– making something concave, like a dish.

In this video, you’ll learn how to make wooden furniture legs that are planed to be dimensionally identical.
Add to that, our most recent project, and we've got (we hope) a pretty solid lineup of beginner woodworking projects to get you started.

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