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The Mentoholatum Co., whose products have been used in more households in the far corners of the globe than those of any other Buffalo-based company, is celebrating its 75th anniversary. Metholatum’s Buffalo plant has a work force of about 75 but well over 1000 families all over their world owe their livelihood to Mentholatum plants, licensees and similar operations. Directors of the parent Mentholatum Company, besides the officers, are Charles Hyde, Buffalo; Samuel D.

In 1919, Mentholatum finished building a factory on Niagara Street in Buffalo, New York, where it would remain until 1998, when it moved to Orchard Park.
The first branch plant was in Buffalo and the present four-story factory was erected in the early 1920s. The Buffalo company continues to make substantial contributions and acts in an advisory and technical capacity to the mission and its facilities.

The parent company in Buffalo has licensees in the Philippines Islands and Spain and sips to places such as Puerto Rico, Hong Kong and the Pacific islands.

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