Woodworking show columbus ohio, floating shelves plans - Test Out

Categories: Wooden Work Bench | Author: admin 10.09.2013

Last weekend we spend a good amount of time over 3 days at The Woodworking Show basically to learn how little we really actually know about woodworking. Sporting her I Heart PowerTools tee, this nice young lady, was very popular with the predominately older male crowd the woodworking show typically brings in.
Another interesting side attraction at the show is the Show Off Showcase, where local woodworkers can enter their own handy work and all the attendees get to vote on their favorite.
The show covers all levels of woodworking from very basics that even young kids can get started with, up to very advance techniques, processes & equipment.

The Columbus show winner was Phillip Traudt who built an amazing Carousel Rocking Horse (you can kind of see in the pic above), Phillip best of luck at the finals, we hope you bring one home for Columbus! We will be back next year for sure and in the mean time we’ll buff up on our woodworking skills.
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Booths ranged from teaching workshops to cutting lumber to bulk supply dealers to every kind of product demonstrations and of course one of the highlights the Bosch Tool booth from Ohio Power Tool.

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