Woodworking roller table, how to build wooden jon boat - Review

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Portable Roller Stands with Gas Cylinder Height Adjustment Are Used For Use As Portable Feed Stations In Front Of Drill Presses, Sheers And Saws. Nov 20, 2013 … Every now and then, someone will shoot me a question about the roller stand which I use as an out-feed table. It’s ideal for use with wide or long stock on table saws, band saws, planers and drill presses. The adjustable Roller Stand (shown here with our Router Table Top), can be easily used with a Chop Saw, Drill Press, Planer, and other workshop tools.
I purchased the Roller Extension Support Table along with the Router Table with an Aluminum Fence. After purchasing the standard router table stand ($70 retail) and posting a negative review of if, MLCS contacted me and offered to upgrade the stand to the the heavy duty model for the incremental difference in cost.

Compatibility Note: Our PHENOLIC Router Table Top is pre-drilled for mounting to this stand. We try to provide instructions for as many of our products as possible based on what our woodworking staff feels is needed.
Just add MLCS Router Table Top or custom top and you have the perfect power tool stand for your Router, Planer, Bandsaw, Mini lathe, Portable drill press, or Grinder. Compatibility Note: Our standard Router Table Top and Fence (RT1 and RT2) has properly positioned threaded inserts for mounting to this stand. Like adding an extra pair of hands in the shop; the 50-166 adjustable height expandable roller system is ideal for support of large, awkward or cumbersome stock, for in-feed or out-feed assist applications.
I was not comfortable with the roller stand trying to attach it to the router table with screws.

Ideal for use in wood shop applications with sheet goods on table saws or for longer or wider stock with planers or drum sanders, the 50-166 features 4 lockable 4 in. The stand mounts to the table top by simply using screws through the pre-drilled mounting holes on the stand. I believe the best application for the roller stand would be with a planer, he said he most likely will purchase.

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