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I've built many a bookshelf over the years and have always been frustrated by free-standing bookends, which tend to slip or tip.
So, while crafting a bookshelf for my great-grand-daughter, I hit upon the idea of fully adjustable built-in bookends. To install the bookends, insert the head of the screw into one of the keyhole bit entry point and slide it where you want it.
The pressure from a book or two leaning against the bookends prevents the bookends for sliding away.

A great project …I think maybe adding the brackets should be done after the bumpers are applied to the bottom so they are flush with the bottom . With only straight cuts and a bit of assembly, this is a perfect project to get your feet wet. If the ornament is made of wood, a set screw can be driven though the underside of the bookend for added strength. Small L-brackets hold the books tightly in place, while rubber stoppers keep the bookends from sliding.

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