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Browse this page for Free Woodworking Plans, Google SketchUp drawings and resource links for shop jigs, furniture, lighting and more.
Sketchup Woodworking Library – A superb pair of woodworking plans will be produced by those craftsmen and designers who have an interest and talent for dealing with wood. Over 16,000 Projects and Woodworking Blueprints With Step-By-Step Easy To Follow Instructions… ! Start using SketchUp, consider it as a strategic tool to better and quickly obtain your goal. A screenshot of Fine Woodworking's classic 18th-century Chamfered-Leg Table in SketchUp.
Perhaps you've purchased one of the Digital Product Plans offered by Fine Woodworking but have no interest in using the SketchUp file that is a part of the product. No doubt there are customers knowledgeable in SketchUp who welcome having the 3D model file and will use it to enhance and customize the furniture design. But let's assume you have not used SketchUp and have no plans or need to develop that skill. When you open SketchUp files from Taunton, they will have Scenes (multiple tabs) across the top of the page. NikonD80 writes: I'm a relative newcomer to woodworking and I'm finding Sketchup to be invaluable in helping me try things out before I start cutting up valuable timber.

Spencer08 writes: I'm only new to woodworking but I'm finding Sketch up to be a very valuable andcost saving tool when designing your own pieces. Learn the art and science of designing furniture in SketchUp with Fine Woodworking's official blog. Get Instant Access To Over 16,000 Easy DIY Woodworking Plans, Projects, Woodworking Blueprints and Easy Download.
Their main goal is always to make it pretty simple to suit your needs or any woodworking novice to duplicate the project inside plans. By using all the plans and blueprints – I have helped home owners and establishments alike construct projects at the fraction of the cost they would normally pay! Having a plan let you effectively manage two more factors: containing the workload and maintaining a situation awareness of what we are doing. But I’m sure that what I said until now strongly refers to the use of Google SketchUp. As an interior designer ;whom interested in wood working, I use Sketchup for 75% of design and development tasks. If You Want To Build Woodworking Plans and Projects Quickly & Easily Then Please Pay Attention To What I Am About To Tell You. Yes, because SketchUp gives us the opportunity to anticipate all those issues we would otherwise encounter once in the workshop.

The plan will work as it is and there is no need for adjustment, resizing, or modification. There are icons for each of these commands that can be selected from SketchUp's Toolbar, however, it is much more effective to use mouse movements only, without selecting the icons. Once again, having already determined proportions and measures at the computer greatly help us in woodworking.
Sketchup is a magnificent tool and I hope many people get in the habit of using it more often.
Maybe this is the reason why I consider having a good plan to take with me to the workshop a fundamental part of my non professional woodworker activity. The ratio between these two parameters, task difficulty and available resources, will determine the efforts we will profuse while building the piece and consequently the level of importance we will give to a well done plan.

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