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Purchase the Box-Joint Jig Woodworking Plan, including step-by-step instructions, detailed illustrations, and a complete materials list.
By using shop scraps, we got the cost down to zero, and came up with a method that makes box sides interchangeable for foolproof assembly. The finger joint is a simpler version of the dovetail joint, and both are used to hold the sides of a box together solidly, whether it is a big blanket chest or a little drawer. You can make finger joints on a router table or tablesaw, but you need some sort of jig to hold the pieces upright, with a key of some kind that sits in one notch while you cut the next one. The best method for cutting finger joints is with a jig on the tablesaw, using a dado set to cut the notches.

Once your setup is perfect (you’ll take some test cuts to dial it in), you can whip through a stack of box sides in no time, much faster than you can cut dovetails.
Some people think finger joints are a little plain for fine furniture, but they are certainly nice for small boxes and the drawers in a shop cabinet. A sliding router table jig, such as the Rockler Router Table Box Joint Jig works with any router table with a miter slot (Photo 1). The screw advance box joint jig is the brain child of Matthias Wandel, the mad scientist of woodworking. They aren’t quite as strong or pretty, but they are appropriate for plenty of projects, like small boxes and drawers.

The finger joint doesn’t lock the pieces together like its fancier cousin, but it certainly makes a strong joint when you add glue. Reposition the stock to the left so that the notch you just cut fits over the guide rail, and repeat the process of routing notches along the length of the joint. The jig works much the same way as a sliding table saw box joint jig (as described above), except that instead of having a pin attached to its sliding fence, the Rockler jig has a guide rail that’s used to evenly space notches along the length of the joint.

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