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A copying wood lathe consists of bed, the rail bed installed in the rear of the tailstock, the rail bed installed in the middle of the turret, installed in the bed head, bed box, installed in the bed box on the chuck on the spindle and its installed in the bed box on the motor, installed on the motor shaft and the headstock spindle, and variable transmission devices on the composition. The woodturning late is a woodworking machine that is used to process the wood with the wood turning lathe tool rotating surfaces or complexing geometries surface.
But at least there is a record of them here for reference for all collectors and researchers. The woodworking lathes tools are characterized by the transmission gear which is fixed to the spindle by the end of the driven variable-speed V-belt round a fixed half-wheel, set the spindle and inserted together with the fixed half-wheel of the driven variable-speed V-belt wheel movable half-wheel to bearings installed in the movable half-wheel of the push-pull end arm, installed on the push and pull arm and headstock compression spring between the fixed arm and the axis parallel to the push and pull can be a hole in the headstock sliding rack, and rack gear through the headstock end of the gear shaft, a small shaft installed in the gear shaft end and the slot openings in the middle of the eccentric wheel with a handle installed in the motor shaft, or its connecting axis of the active wheel speed V-belt movable half-wheel and a fixed half-wheel, install the In the movable half-wheel and the motor shaft or the connecting shaft between the central of circlip compression spring, as well as installed in the active and driven variable-speed V-belt wheel posed by a triangular belt.Drechselbank,drechselmaschine,kopierdrechselbank, kopiermaschine. The woodworking milling machines are divided into ordinary wood lathe, copying wood lathes, and rod copying machines.

Ordinary wood lathe clamping is in the chuck or its support in the spindle and tailstock for rotation between the two tops .
The wood lathe tool is mounted on the carriage driven by a slide plate box for vertical or horizontal feed motion. The copying wood lathe by profiling mode and the workpiece parallel to the installation, by mold may be stationary or constant velocity rotation with the work piece in the same direction.
The accessories that originally belong with the lathe include 10 runners with specialty ends, 5 split pulleys (ferrules), 1 fixed pulley, a file rest and three tiny drilling type parts.
This machine has vertical and horizontal, single axis and multi-axis of the points, for processing furniture, incense burner legs, rifle butts and other complex surface appearance.

As expected the lathe and accessories show signs of use with rubs to the plating and stains, but no rust or damage that would stop the lathe from being put to work on your bench.Included in the box of wonders we also found a caliper gauge, collet with pulley, drill and pivot holding pliers.

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