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Being equipped with four caster wheels, together with compact space-efficient and appealing design, this portable dust collector from Suiden is extremely user friendly. Suiden portable dust collector is perfectly suited for sites where easy mobility is an important factor. Whether you carve wood, gourds, eggshells, or any other material, keeping your work area (and your lungs) free and clear of dust and debris should be at the top of your priority list.
Sometimes we all need a small reminder to always recommend wearing safety glasses, a good respirator and having a good air filter or dust collector in your workshop or studio.

Profitable Hobbies has just added a new Portable Air Filter System for Carving and Engraving to our existing line of dust collectors. This is a simple, bench style, portable dust collector for all types of carvers and engravers.
It can easily be moved from place to place, and maintenance and dust disposal is very easy.
As long as you can put your work in front of it, it will pull dust and debris into the filter, providing a cleaner, safer work area.

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