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Set your wood into the jig, line up the end you want to drill holes in at the bottom of the jig. To complete your joint, clamp the pieces together and drive kreg jig screws into the pocket holes and into the second piece of wood. It might be helpful for you to just drill some holes in scrap wood to play and see how the jig works before using it on a finished piece.
With my drill bit and drill guide set, I put my first piece of wood into the jig and clamped it tightly in place using the adjustable toggle clamp. After drilling a second time, I was left with two perfectly sized pocket holes that were angled just right – ready for me to attach the short sided piece to the longer front piece. With the pocket holes drilled, I shimmied the base into place at the bottom of my four-sided box and got back to screwing everything together.

Titled this drill press because this jig is the next best thing and it can go in your tool box. I ordered this portable drill guide jig because I need to occasionally drill holes on an existing device of some kind or in a situation where a drill press is not practical. But, the three hole guide block slides up and down and you set that (in addition to the collar on the drill bit) to the width of your wood.
It just took tightening the nut at the end of the bit (see upper left corner below) with an allen wrench to later keep me from drilling too deep.
So with my holes drilled, I used the right-angle clamp Kreg included to hold my two pieces firmly in place. Simply set the drill bit into the groove and line up the step (the spot where the drill bit goes from wide to narr0w) with the measurement that corresponds to the thickness of your wood.

They sell a whole slew of gadgets to make woodworking projects easier, so I jumped at the chance to take them for a spin.
I just drove the specialty-bit into the guide hole until the nut prevented me from going any further.
Basically, it helps you join pieces of wood together by guiding the placement of holes and screws for a solid, trusty-enough-to-hang-over-your-baby joint. And it all worked with my existing drill, so I didn’t need any fancy stuff beyond the Jig itself.

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