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Even though the chisel dates back to the dawn of woodworking, it can still do a lot of things for you today. If you buy a wooden-handled chisel and you'll be using a mallet on it, look for one with a leather washer between the bolster and the handle to help absorb shock. Preparing sharpening woodworking chisel - paul, In video paul shows prepare cheap chisels, fine woodworking, simple accessible techniques. AboutWoodworkingbeginner.science cover up simple and unique DIY woodworking project for beginners with step-by-step instruction and pictures. You'll hear references to the firmer chisel (an ordinary, general-purpose chisel with a blade 3-5" long), butt chisel (a shorter chisel), framing chisel (a wider, heavier one), mortise chisel (a longer version), paring chisel (one with a long, flexible blade), and more.

You'll do better to pick a chisel by looking at it and assessing how well it fits your needs than by relying on a name. If it curves up as shown in the illustration at right, the chisel may be hard to control and won't cut cleanly.
First, hold the chisel vertically to make a cut extending each side to the corner, as shown at right.
Toward the bottom of the rabbet, turn the chisel over, and work with the bevel flat against the wood. You can use the chisel to clean off dried glue squeeze-out, pare down a tenon to fit a mortise, or trim a plug flush to a surface.

Holding the chisel perpendicular to the surface with the back of the blade to the line, cut to the required depth.
A scrapwood gauge block, shown, guides the chisel straight into the end of the dado for a flat bottom.

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