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Ballard designs durham coffee table, how to build a deck for an oval above ground pool,woodworking pipe clamps uk. Air Compressors Angle Grinders Bandsaws Bench Grinders Biscuit Joiners Boring Machines Circular Saws CNC Machines Domino Joiners Dovetail Machines Drill Presses Drills & Drivers Edgebanders Finish Sprayers Handheld Sanders Jigsaws Jointers Lathes Metal Working Equip. Bench mount: This version allows use of existing bench dog holes and, therefore, would allow use close to the front edge of the bench.
I now envision installing several anchors, to hold surface mount clamps along the front face of the bench. Since my bench is covered with round holes, I much prefer the Gramarcy hold-fasts that I own for this purpose, but for someone with a square dog bench and a couple hold-down holes, this clamp method can be quite useful. Another reason I like the Leigh clamps so much, after using them for several years on the D4 dovetail jig, and later also on the FMT, is their enormous holding power.
I hadn't seen these before and need a couple more clamping anchor points on the back edge of my bench for hanging a Woodrat mounting box when in use. Two of my machines, the Leigh D4 dovetail jig, and the Leigh FMT, have these clamps (by design).
I've got one of these on the front edge of my bench for holding the non-vise end of longer boards and it works great but the price on the Leigh is quite a bit nicer. I actually cranked down so much that I was unable to turn the handle, and they did not fail.

The only problem I see with the Leigh clamp is that it needs a nut on the bottom of the workbench. David- the top jaw simply unclips from the bar then, after sliding the bar through bench dog hole, clips back on below the bench top. After seeing the Pics you posted, I have to say that using your clamps as hold downs like that is slick as snot! This Leigh bench hold-down clamps from 0" to 3" with a quick 90 degree speed clamp action. The only down-side I see is that you cant use the Leigh in blind holes like the LV unless you go with the keyhole anchor version.
As a result of this presentation, I started doing some serious thinking about my European style workbench, and how I could improve clamping of work pieces when hand cutting dovetails, clamping jigs in place, etc. I am not writing this to do another review; but rather, to share some uses I quickly found for these new clamps since I received them, 20 hours ago. My European-style bench, with the bank of cabinets below the stretcher under the top slab, created a challenge to use clamps. The nice thing about the bench mount version is that it will use just about any size bench dog hole, as they provide the fenders, etc. The Leigh design you picture seems to bring some additional convenience from the traditional screw type clamp.

I was considering the Gramercy holdfasts, too, as they have such good reputation and work in just about all circumstances to a maximum bench top thickness of around 4 inches, IIRC. I have never experienced the problem you mention, even when exerting significant torque, but never over-torquing the clamps. But I have never had a case where I had to try to tighten something so much that I actually over-torqued the clamps to the point of failure. I remembered Leigh Industries had announced a new product not long before the conference in Berea: Their hold-down clamps, available in two models. In my opinion, these clamps solve many workholding problems at the workbench; they are terrific!
Great for edge-jointing, and a terrific way to hold a board on edge on the front face of the bench, in addition to using the face vise. The upside is that the angled clamp on the Leigh looks like it might be more out of the way for some work than the straight vertical post on the LV.
I invite you to read several references to the crochet and its use in workbenches at the Woodworking Magazine blog.

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