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The storms in Woodward County not only produced a tornado, they also dropped hail throughout the area causing at least a quarter million dollars worth of damage.
Sky News 9 HD captured the storm from the air as viewers sent in photos and videos of the damage from the ground.
A large tornado nearly quarter-mile wide has caused five confirmed fatalities, massive damage and injuries in Woodward early Sunday morning.
A large tornado nearly quarter-mile wide has caused five confirmed fatalities, massive damage and injuries in Woodward early Sunday morning.
Authorities say a signal tower for Woodward's tornado sirens was struck by lightning and hit by a tornado early Sunday morning. Woodward Police Chief Harvey Rutherford said Sunday the tower that was supposed to send a repeating signal to the town's tornado siren system was knocked out of commission by the storm, which affected the signal. Christine Kirbie, who works for the Woodward News, was at 1910 Meadow Lake when the storm hit. Reports indicate that the 8-mile damage field starts west of Woodward and into the residential areas around 34th Street. Search teams are sifting through rubble in Woodward, looking for people who may be trapped and injured following a killer tornado overnight.

Rusty Surette, the Red Cross spokesman in Oklahoma City, says local authorities are in "chaos mode." He says trucks with cots, food, water and other supplies are headed to the area, where more than 8,000 people are without power.
Red Cross officials urge Oklahomans to be patient if they would like to personally help out. The chief executive officer of Woodward Regional Hospital says 29 people injured by the storm were brought to the hospital, including some who were in critical condition. News 9 Storm Trackers say conditions in parts of Woodward County are the worst they've ever seen. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has closed roads in the Oklahoma Panhandle as a winter storm causes nearly white-out conditions in the western part of the state. According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Interstate 40 is virtually shut down from Amarillo east to the Oklahoma state line. Oklahoma Highway Patrol spokesperson Betsy Randolph said travel in the Oklahoma panhandle is "highly discouraged" because of the slick and dangerous conditions. News 9 Storm Tracker Marty Logan is traveling west of Fort Supply, and called conditions there the worst he's ever seen.
News 9 Meteorologist David Payne drove SnowTracker 9 around Woodward and said the roads were bad and getting worse.

The News 9 Weather Team is monitoring the storm and says western Oklahoma could see 20 to 30 inches of snow. Bob Mills SkyNews 9 HDWhen there is breaking news across the state SkyNEWS 9 HD can be first on the scene. She tells News 9 the house at 1910 Meadow Lake was damaged, but the house across the street "was gone." She also said a tree in the front yard at 1910 Meadow Lake was torn away, leaving only the roots in the yard.
Officials say they are still in the assessment phase of the disaster and are asking people to not go to Woodward to volunteer.
Lehenbauer said Highway 283 has been shut down, and the roads in Woodward probably wouldn't be cleared until Tuesday or Wednesday. Near the Woodward County line, he encountered a snowplow that slid into a ditch while trying to clear the road.

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