Woodstation weather display, furniture making evening course london - Review

Categories: Woodworking Projects For Beginners | Author: admin 06.06.2012

Green kids and their gadget loving parents will appreciate the time-telling WoodStation, designed by Sebastien Wallet for Inovaxion. The display will indicate the indoor temperature and humidity, as well as the time and date.
Although it may look like an ordinary block of wood when off, when it senses motion in the room, it automatically projects and displays the current weather forecast, indoor temperature and humidity, time and date magically right through the wood!

Woodstation may be no different, but at least it does its thing with some style, placing its LED display beneath the surface, allowing it to seemingly display weather data on the wood itself. Made from recycled wood, this innovative and intuitive clock displays a myriad of illuminated features through its wood face when it detects motion. WoodStation will also show one of five weather icons (sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy or stormy).It’s the traditional version of the Google toolbar.

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