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Review of Top 4 Catamaran Designers for Home Builders There are many catamaran designers but how do you find the best ones.
Jeff Schionning  Jeff Shionning is a catamaran designer from Australia, and though some of his designs are built by commercial builders, most are built by people just like you with a dream. One of his real innovations is the Wilderness series which goes from 9 meter up to 17 meter.
Chris White  Chris White's book, The Cruising Multihull is the book that got me going on multihulls about 10 years ago. Chris has built many of his own designs. If you have carefully reviewed our "9 Essential Features for the Cruising Catamaran" you are now armed with the things to look for. Our evaluation of the designers and their designs is from the point of view of the home builder. His own boat (as of a couple of years ago) was a 55 foot trimaran of his design called Juniper that he built himself. All of his designs show definite Polynesian roots in their canoe stern and V-shaped hulls. As Richard Woods says in his literature, "Boats of over 40 feet should not be built by the solo home builder because they just take too long.

Many of his first generation models: Iriki, Narai, Tangaroa, and Tehini where designed for wood construction before epoxy became available. This is one step ahead of the flat panel method that Richard Woods uses because these prfab panels are made out of epoxy and the resin to glass resin is very controlled which leads to very light and strong panels and consequently as very light, strong, and epoxy only boat. They sell the panels pre marked and ready to cut and join. After 30 years many of these boats, if not very maintained, can appear quite run down. Wharrams's latest design - Pahi and Tiki - are much more modern, and were designed to use current epoxy methods. These designs also incorporate a small bridge deck cabin as in our Woods Gypsy, but it is smaller without any standing headroom. The boat picture above is the Tiki 46 and it is our top recommendation.
Our ratings of these designers are not an evaluation on whether their designs are good or bad, but more on their suitability for you building the design as a solo home builder. Some of their larger designs may also be good projects only if you are going to have the boat custom built for you or if you have hired help assisting you in your project. Richard Woods Richard Woods is based in the UK and is a well established catamaran designer. One thing that separates Richard from some of the other designers is that he has built many of his boats.

Many designers when they put diesels in catamaran tend to "hide" them under the aft berths. As you know from reading other parts of our website, in 1997 we decided on Richard's 28.5 foot Gypsy design. He said, "this design incorporates all that we have learnt about cruising, living on board, and sailing boats in over 60,000 miles of sailing." Click here for a full description of the Gypsy design used in the creation in Light Wave. He had many smaller designs in the 20 to 25 foot range, but the Gypsy is the smallest boat that he considered to be a minimum ocean cruiser. I would estimate the construction time as 3,500 to 4,000 hours. Light Wave is for Sale She is a proven offshore cruising catamaran.

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