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Categories: Wood Wine Rack Plans | Author: admin 10.01.2015

The Woodpecker Cast Aluminum Router Plate is stronger, stiffer and less prone to warp or flex then other aluminum, polycarbonate or acrylic router plates. Along with superior materials, each Woodpecker Router Plate features eight top accessible fine pitch leveling screws and two adjustable spring loaded plungers to make it easy to achieve a flush, perfect fit in your router table opening. With each Cast Aluminum Router Plate, you also receive (3) TwistLOCK Rings, a steel starting pin, spanner wrench and router mounting screws.
A separate (8) pc TwistLOCK Ring Set is available with sizes other then the (3) already included with each router plate.

Each plate features two new, adjustable brass plungers which eliminates any side play in either direction. Eight leveling screws are conveniently accessible from the top to set plate flush to table surface.
However, I must admit a personal regret about the decision to abandon the aluminium inserts.  They looked the part (anodised aluminium), and just had a good feel. All is not lost – as part of their One-Time tools, Woodpeckers has decided to produce a limited run of their aluminium insert rings.

These all can be used with the new Woodpeckers Rule Stop, which adds even more functionality to an already quality product.
The main reason though, was on the occasion that I did want to remove the router from the table, I found I would do so by lifting from the centre.  That worked well with the aluminium rings, but the newer plastic ones are not strong enough.

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