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I run veneer through the Woodmaster several times because I’m not just removing imperfections; I’m thickessing it just where I want it. When I moved again, I sold that one and bought a 38” single drum Woodmaster drum sander 3875. Part of the reason I chose Woodmaster is it’s made in the United States including the motors. I’d tell anybody that’s looking for a commercial-quality sander or planer – go with the Woodmaster.
I have a TimberKing 1220 band mill, which I use to saw trees into lumber.  Sawing my own lumber with my TimberKing allows for me to get more book-matched wood, but it’s the Woodmaster Drum Sander that makes the finished pieces look like someone who actually knew what they were doing made them! I looked at cantilevered drum sanders — the ones where only one end of the sanding drum is attached to anything.

Before I got the Woodmaster 3875 Drum Sander, I had to use a palm sander on all those pieces, both sides. If you have a handheld sander, and stay too long in one place you’re going to get an uneven surface.
Jerry’s not selling what he makes but he has steady work making home improvements with his Woodmaster. When I moved, I sold it and bought a new one, a 38” double drum Woodmaster sander, 3875-X2. For example, when I sand with 80 grit paper, the board looks like it’s been sanded with 100 grit.
With the Woodmaster sander, it goes through at a steady pace and you don’t have a problem with unevenness.

When I sold my second Woodmaster, it was 12 years old and I got 70% of what I originally paid. When I got the Woodmaster Drum Sander, I could run all those pieces through in less than 20 minutes.

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