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Woodturning is a type of woodworking on the machine called lathe, which rotates a workpiece on its axis, while various operations - such as cutting and sanding with tools - are being performed on that workpiece.
Woodturning is a very old technique that has been known since about 1300 BC in ancient Egypt. When choosing a wood for turning, keep in mind that it has to be free from defects (knots, checks, splits and shakes) and   straight grained. In the woodturning projects category we have many free woodturning projects, which are suitable for both hobbyists and professional woodturners. All woodworking and metalworking plans are under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. If you want to make some of these wooden turning stools, you should put the concave top, and if you want to use this object as a woodturning table, you will need the flat top. Class Description:  In this 4-day class, alumni of our Comprehensive Introduction to Woodturning will take their turning to the next level learning a host of intermediate projects and techniques!

TestimonialsI never thought I would work with woodworking equipment because of my fears, but Mike made me feel very comfortable using the lathe. Description: In this quick, fun and affordable single-evening class you will learn how to turn a bowl, from wood selection through final finishing, and everything in between. Cool and (somewhat) simple design idea - painted wood block mosaic in between open wood studs. In those times, one person would turn the wood with a rope while the other shaped the wood with a sharp tool.
When you choosing wood for your woodturning project, take a hardwood because it turns easier on a wood lathe.
Most simple one is mushroom stool that can fit perfectly into contemporary furniture.  There are also two chess piece stools, perfect as the kitchen furniture, or as a bar stools, as well as all the other pieces in the wood turned stools plan. The Europeans constantly improved the woodturning technique, but only in the Middle Ages a pedal replaced hand-operated turning.

Build up woodturning can serve as a decorative technique, because it has a possibility of making various patterns and color effects; it can also be used for the creation of large turned wooden items. In short, lathe spins a workpiece while the woodturner shapes the wood with chisels and gouges. The electrically driven lathe came in use during the Industrial Revolution and has significantly speed up the production and increased the quality of work because of greater rotational speed, and then the mass use of this woodturning technique began.
If you enjoyed your first level introductory course in woodturning, you’ll absolutely love this 2-weekend adventure with Ed Youtz!
I definitely recommend Philadelphia Woodworks to anyone who is looking to start a hobby or continuing an old one.

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