Wooden window cornice plans, dymondwood dowels - Plans Download

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I have a really big window in my living that is begging for window treatments, but I don't know how to sew. We can make two small window valance boxes with the material we bought, so I divided the total material cost in half to come up with this total. When I think of board and batten, I don’t usually think of it in a form of a window treatment.
Our mudroom was not only an awkward space with multiple entries but the window posed a design problem that I struggled with for a couple weeks.
I keep staring at the windows in the living room wondering what to do with them – now I know!
Usually, board-and-batten describes an interior paneling that has alternating wide boards and narrow wooden strips, called battens.

This will give you something to nail your 1×8 (or whatever length you cut to fit your window) piece of pine to. You can also purchase pre-made cornice boards made from foam or other elements but you are stuck with the pre-made design.
I want to frame my master bedroom window and wasn’t sure what kind of cornice to add.
Curious because I’m itching to paint in the play room and we have a similar piece on the wall that would be impossible to move without ruining it. A cornice board is usually a molding or decorative strip used on top of window and extends to the ceiling. The two don’t usually go together but in this case, a wooden board and batten cornice board seemed to fit the bill for this room.

It is kind of like hanging window brackets higher and wider then the window to add visual appeal to the window. For now, I’m pretty happy with how the baby wooden board and batten cornice turned out.

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