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I think it's a good idea to print out the original document from this website and keep it along with the plans, as the instructions for building this train are on this website.
This personalized wooden toy train is the perfect Christmas (or other winter holiday) gift for a young child on your list. Includes downloadable train construction details, circus animals construction details and a project materials list.
And if the axle holes in the wheels are slightly off-center, it will add a sound and vertical rocking motion to the moving train. If the door to the basement was locked, we knew he was working on something for us.My children still play with some of the toys my father made.

My favorite toy to this day is the model-pond yacht; my sister has the six-car circus train on her mantle.
And (as you may have seen on other websites), if you do not have a reader for Adobe Acrobat .pdf files, Adobe's website has a free reader that you can download. If you want the train larger, change the numbers as much as you want at a time, say you want it twice as large, put 200 in each box. I know our childhood imaginations went on a lot of train trips.The building of the engine, tender (coal-car), and circus cars is pretty straightforward. Glue all the pieces together with a good quality carpenter's adhesive using brads (small finish nails) to hold everything in place until the glue sets.2.

Cut the cowcatcher to its round shape and finish sharpening it with a wood rasp (file) or rough sandpaper.3.

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