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Made from premium solid wood or painted HDF, the Ladder Bookcase has steps of varied depth to meet the wall when placed on an angle. Because we like a little DIY here at DIY Decorator, here is a really simple project from Real Simple to create your own ladder shelves. Ladders are becoming so popular in decorating, that many stores are designing them specifically for storage in the home. Place a flat board across an A-frame ladder for extra shelving for your plants and garden pots. A short step ladder with thick rungs is the ultimate ladder for a bedside table replacement. With flat, shelf-like rungs, ladders can act as a display cabinet for wine glasses, vases, wine bottles and candles. Ladders aren’t just meant for climbing up and down but rather you can make use of them for lot many things and it is one of the cheapest home decor ideas. You can make use of a ladder to hang the belts, shawls and maybe attach a hook to it to hang bags too.

Look at this interesting idea where you can make use of a ladder to hang the magazines and place it in the living room, guest room or even in the lawn where you can enjoy the magazine and even let your guests enjoy reading it. One of the interesting ways to place all the small pots and flower vases is to make use of a ladder as it will look like a greenhouse showcase and an interesting way to place then under sunshine or shade when required. Ladders are a great use for a high-heeled shoe storage, and you needn’t spend time in searching for its pair anymore as you can simply grab it from the rungs. You can simply hang the towels on a ladder and place in the small sized bathroom, where there is a major concern for space availability. You can place a ladder in the nursery room or in kids room to place toys, and to display all their crafts and collectibles. The attention to detail is shown off with an subtle drawer at the base of the ladder, featuring dovetail joinery and finger-pull handle.
If you are pushed for space in your laundry, try attaching a ladder to the roof with chain and using it as a drying rack. Lately I have been keeping my eyes peeled for vintage ladders at flea markets, antique stores and garage sales.

Then when you host BBQs, use the ladder to display all your outdoor crockery and use it to serve your salads and condiments from!
Ladders can be used to decorate home, to showcase collectibles, hang things, and for lot many things. Delivery: This item is only available to Australian customers, unfortunately no international orders can be taken. Hang some S-shaped hooks from the ladder rungs – most utensils and pots come with handles that have a hole designed to be hung from a hook. We endeavour to ship all orders within 72 hours of your order confirmation being received, if your items are in stock via Australia Post Eparcel registered service.

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