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We picked up a Kapoosh Knife Block (Model 650) with high hopes that it would solve our knife storage problem. The plastic rods come as a complete unit with a solid base - just tilt the block over and out it comes. Another concern about moisture that we had was that there is no airflow once the rods are placed in the block and the knives are inserted. It was very nice to have the freedom of sticking knives in however we wanted and not have to worry if they'd fit or move. In addition, when we pulled a knife out, tiny little black plastic flakes (sliced from the rods) came out on the knife with it.
Because my knives don't go in all the way, the rods get too tight to easily insert more than two or three knives, and plastic bits get on your sharp knives when inserting and removing blades, I can't recommend this knife block.
I have a 'std' block, came up short on slots, so I took it down the shop and cut a couple extra kerfs in in, the used some scrap rock maple as a 'side car' for my fork, thermometer and paring knives.

You missed an option (if I parsed the "vertical knife rack" thing correctly) -- A knife magnet! CosettheTable wrote:You missed an option (if I parsed the "vertical knife rack" thing correctly) -- A knife magnet!
I have chef's knives that are well-suited to my hands and my cutting style, while she has her favorites.
On top of each box, there is a large hole so you can see the black plastic rods that hold your knives. The wood block itself is just a shell with an open top and open bottom (the bottom has a couple metal brackets that hold the plastic rod assembly up). However, my 8-in chef's knives (which this model is supposed to accommodate) wouldn't go in all the way.
Unfortunately, we did consider it and it's always been my number one choice (Tina hasn't always been comfortable with the idea of exposed knife edges - I think she's okay with it now) but the problem we have now is I don't want to mount one in this house and in the new house they're putting in a tile backsplash that I probably don't want to drill into.

Once a knife or two goes in, the rods are packed together really tight providing minimal airflow around the knife. We also considered knife racks in the drawers, but I don't want to take up a drawer for eight or a dozen knives. Unfortunately, this also means that dust from storage and transportation also get into the rods and washing is necessary once you bring the knife block home.
Also, once two of our knives when into the block, it was so dense that sticking additional knives in became more and more difficult.
Having to wipe down the knife or rinse it off just feels like an unnecessary hassle that I shouldn't have to go through.

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