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If you are looking for a fun beginners do it yourself project in woodworking, then check out the DIY Hat Rack made out of Poplar wood. Step 2 – Once you have the wood needed, use wood glue and wood clamps and glue everything together.
Step 3 – Once the glue is dry, attach the wood shelf on top of the hat rack with wood screws and wood glue. Step 4 – Next, stain the wood with the wood stain and apply 3 coats allowing time to dry between applications. Step 5 – Then using the screws the metal hooks came with, attach the hooks spacing them evenly on the hat rack. Step 6 – Once everything is together you will need to mount the hat rack on the wall where you desire. Make a Wooden Walnut Kitchen Cutting Board – DIY Step By Step Photos This diy Kitchen Cutting Board is a simple, fun, easy project. DIY Reclaimed Garden Planter Boxes – How To Step By Step Photos Using reclaimed wood we made some diy garden planter boxes.

How To Make a Coffee Table out of a Wooden Pallet – Easy Low Cost DIY Here is a fun quick step by step tutorial on How to make a Coffee Table from a Pallet. I picked up a "dubby" cutoff jig at a local wood show so that I could make picture frames with ease.
For under $35 dollars this simple rack can be made in about 5 hours or less including glue and wood stain drying times. It helps that my dad has a sawmill in Western Pennsylvania (Karg Lumber Company), and has a knack for finding me unique pieces of wood. Rockler, Woodmall, or (a local favorite) Highland Woodworking carry a wide variety of tools and accesories. I saw this country plan in a book, and over the course of about 8 months, I finished this country coat rack. This is a perfect project to get yourself started doing woodworking and other carpentry work. This is one of those projects that shouldn't be cut out in advance - you almost have to custom cut each piece based on the exact width of the wood.

The plans called for wooden pegs, but I prefer the polished metal look for the hat and coat pegs. By the time I finished it, I was working in my shop, and I had clamps, a table saw, a planer, and router. This simple woodworking project will get you familiar with using basic hand tools and common procedures associated with all types of carpentry work. I have been told since that I should have wet the surface prior to planing, and that would have eliminated the chipping. You can build a clock body out of wood, use the atomic clock movement, and now you never have to set the time again and it will always be right!

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