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The wood art of segmented wood turning is captivating as 90% of the work is spent in designing, dimensioning material, cutting, fitting, and gluing. Part of the fun of this wood craft is the strategy used in mounting and turning the wood projects. Part of the beauty of handmade bowls such as this one is the joinery that you don’t see.
The cherry will deepen in color as time goes by and the fruit bowl will develop a nice, warm patina. Handmade at the WeirdWood workshop in Staffordshire using only renewable energy produced 'on site'.
Wood is a prized material for home goods, furniture and decor because it is versatile, durable and gorgeous. The mango tree bears fruit for about 40 years, and is then cut down by farmers to make room for new seedlings.
Mango wood has a diverse range of color in its grains, revealed best by carving and cutting pieces by hand. The teak wood used in manufacturing often becomes available as a result of the thinning process necessary to maintain the health of the teak plantation.

Once the wood turner mounts the wood project to the lathe chuck it’s just a matter of selecting the wood turning gouges for shaping, carefully sanding, and then applying the wood finish.
Yet, something tells me that my appreciation of this simple wooden bowl and the time spent turning the wood project on my wood lathe will deepen as well. The central deepest part of the bowl protrudes slightly from the base between the four feet.
Finely crafted wooded pieces can be handed down through generations, and are full of natural irregularities that enhance their finishes. Many times, local artisans use the wood of these felled trees to carve one-of-a-kind pieces. And, because mango is the fastest growing hard wood used for furniture production, it is often less costly than other options. Local artisans used the wood of the acacia trees to hand carve unique products, as it also has a diverse range of colors in its grains. However, as the demand for teak wood rises, so does the occurance of sustainably managed plantation teak. There are other bowls that I’ve turned on the wood lathe that are more complex and more challenging.

The entire woodturning process is fascinating yet it is critically important to get all of the joints aligning properly for a good tight fit. The process of segmented wood turning is almost like playing chess where it helps to think a couple moves ahead.
The sale of these goods supports the local economies they come from and the sustainable production of the mango fruit. Perhaps, it’s the simplicity of the wood design and the contrast between the cherry and walnut. Anyway, there is just a warm feeling about this wood project with 11 staves and vertical spacers.

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