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Furniture plans – fine woodworking, Find hundreds of detailed woodworking plans to help with your furniture projects. But I've resisted putting simple chair plans up because cutting back legs can be such a challenge.
And this photo may help someone conceptualizing the chair better, so I thought I would post. Attach the side aprons to the back legs, flush to the bottom of the front cuts on your chair back legs. The cross supports will not only add strength to your chair, but it gives you something to screw your seat to.

I've been wanting to ask for a chair similar to this, but with all of the website struggles lately, I wanted to wait til you were a little less occupied. Yesterday I was looking at a photo in Coastal Living magazine, where some simple chairs very much like this had been custom built for a room - and wondering aloud if I could design some like them.
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A knot is a particular type of imperfection in a piece of wood; it will affect the technical properties of the wood, usually reducing the local strength and. Wood - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, A knot type imperfection piece wood; affect technical properties wood, reducing local strength .

We built the lap desk for a Christmas present for a brother and the chalk board for my son for Christmas.

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