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Cat furniture is a wood chest cat litter box cover, available in a choice of wood stain colors or paint. Cat furniture that is handsome, has an interior divider (with a kitty sized opening), that you can adjust to accommodate the size of the litter box or to suit other kitty uses. Cat furniture chest is available with several variations of wood stain color, or clear finish, or no finish -- and comes with a knotty pine wood exterior or a wainscoting wood exterior.
To reduce shipping costs, the litter box chest cat furniture is delivered unassembled, with 16 screws and instructions. Before ordering, please write down your choice of wood finish and the location where you want your doorway opening (left end or right end) so you can type this info in the order form's "Comments" section.
Visit our main cat furniture page for many versions of cat furniture including cat tree towers, carpet covered trees, and sisal variations.

They feature a patented moisture proof wooden ledge that is over the litter pan, it prevents litter from being scratched out of the pan like many cats like to do. Each cat litter box cabinet comes complete with a pan, stainless steel scoop, and deodorizer which all hangs right inside the doors for convenient access. Clever and stealthy, only you and your cats will know that this attractive corner furniture is actually a litter cabinet. Built with plywood with a wood veneer and offered in multiple finishes, the elegant Corner Litter Cabinet allows you to get rid of those ugly litter trays forever. The Corner Litter Cabinet has two rear vents which can hold Petco's Universal Carbon Filter. Your home will be transformed with one of these beautiful wood cabinets and no one will ever know!

Opening the front door reveals a large triangle litter tray (included) and a catch tray underneath for stray litter collection and disposal.
All kitty litter cabinets are not the same, with patented features that cannot be found in any other litter box covers. Choose a quality litter to make this an even better place for your cat, such as World's Best Cat Litter which we highly recommend and use ourselves.

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