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Yes, even YOU can make your own xylophones exactly like this one, with these step by step instructions. Detailed instructions on how to tune the xylophone notes, using nothing more than a sanding disc and an electric drill. At the time, the best quote she could get was $220 per instrument, and she needed ten of them, so it was going to cost her $2,200 just for these xylophones.
This is Definitely for You if you want to learn more about playing & building marimbas, xylophones and other percussion instruments.
Concert quality instruments are usually made from Honduras Rosewood or African padouk, and obviously the better wood you have access to the better instrument you’ll be able to make. I'm not going to suggest that you can build an instrument which will sound identical to the commercially available instrument, not with basic wood that you can get from the hardware store. It took me nearly ten years to build up the skills to effectively tune bars and design resonating boxes that worked, and that’s why I know my plans work.
So go ahead and get started now with Project 1 – The box resonated 11 note xylophone.

You get instant access to the plans for just $27 US Dollars, so you can start building immediately! You don't have to do it all yourself - you can even give the plans to your woodworking classes or parent club to make as a project – so it doesn’t need to cost the earth in materials or in your precious labour! Even if you just wish to build one xylophone for a gift for a child these plans make it really affordable and achievable, as well as being an interesting project for you to complete. So go ahead and click here to download the plans to get started making the box resonated 11 note xylophone. Gambang - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, A gambang, properly called gambang kayu ('wooden gambang') xylophone - instrument peoples indonesia southern philippines gamelan .. Copyright © 2012 Build Furniture Woodworking Plan Projects, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Laurel and I went to Home Depot and a lumber yard to get materials: glass because we were both interested in glass xylophone keys, PVC pipes for resonators, and some hardwood for my tongue drum top. I also made some other models, traced from a tongue drum design that appeared in an issue of Wood Magazine, but haven't put them on resonators yet.

All you need to know is how to tune the bars and the correct size and shape to make the box and you should be fine..
At her first school she had a very small budget for instruments, and needed to complete a class set of xylophones for her junior music classes. John advised me to cut without submerging the wood and immediately dry it, so as to avoid warping. I should have gone through that step first, because the vibrating material left deep cuts in the wood.
I cut parts for a resonator box on the bandsaw and glued them overnight, and the drum finally worked!
The keys don't vibrate as independently as I would have liked, instead playing distinct chords on either side of the drum.

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