Wooden bicycle wall rack, 1 phase to 3 phase conversion - Reviews

Categories: Wood Wine Rack Plans | Author: admin 29.11.2014

I really like Chris Bigham’s Bike Shelf, a solid walnut wood shelf suspended by a solid steel square rod mount able to hold both your bike and whatever else you want to put on top of it.
Spacca, it will depend on the construction – if the wood has a 10mm metal bar all the way through and a corresponding thread and wall anchor goind deep enough into the wall, it would probably hold a human. Probably the most elegant wall mount bike storage solutions I’ve seen and I want one!

Running a single point into a wall might be fine for a while but I’d be conscious of all the usual suspects I mentioned plus the impact of constant use making the fixing loosen over time (ham fisted people are all over the place).
I think the only way for this to work structurally is to drill a hole PRECISELY the size of the dowel, into a wooden stud, and insert the wodden dowel.

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