Wood varnish colours, wood burning pyrography stamps - Try Out

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Based on modified plant oil, wood oil, rosin, titanium dioxide, mica, silica, bentone, soya lecithin, UV-protector, paraffin oil, lemon peel oil, Lead free drying agents. Earth minerals, natural oils and resins are the basic ingredients which makes it a beautiful coloured finish . In areas of greater exposure 3 coats are recommended to build up pigment density or 1 coat of Bio Wood Primer plus 2 coats of Bio Wood Varnish.

Wood and other surfaces should be well sanded, dry and cleaned of greasy, waxy and dirty contaminants using BIO Thinner. It is a hard, elastic, semi-transparent varnish for use on timber surfaces exposed to sun and rain. Box frames, timber windows, cladding and end grains must be treated with BIO Wood Primer and one coat of BIO Wood Varnish B E F O R E INSTALLATION.

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