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UNION GRADUATE WOOD TURNING LATHEUNION GRADUATE WOOD TURNING LATHE A very clean standard size model of one of the best wood turning lathes made in Great Britain. It is also supplied with the correct 4″ raising blocks for the taller wood turner Supplied by LRE sevices. Oliver 6-inch centre height by 42 inches-between-centres Model 92 - the smallest and simplest wood-turning lathe in the range. Producing a bowl, or any item, that will not crack before, during or after turning can be tricky, depending greatly on the wood species. I started woodturning 28 years ago when a minilathe attachment for a Stanley Bridges electric drill came into my possession. This 4 speed lathe would suit the serious or professional craftsman and will give long service to it`s lucky new owner.

Oak will crack and split while you are reaching for your coffee cup, other woods can be more forgiving. The wood has a few slight stains from its former life but I don’t feel they distract too much.
The lathe bed was stepped up in front of the spindle, giving a small extra capacity in the resulting gap.
Pattern Makers' 8-inch centre height by 72 inches-between-centres wood-turning lathe was fitted with a rack-feed carriage surmounted by a compound slide rest for accurate wood and light-duty metal turning. It matters not whether the drying is fast (two hours in a microwave oven) or slow (two years in a woodstack outdoors), what counts is that the drying and its associated shrinkage should be even. The Model 94 could also be fitted with a rack-driven carriage assembly and compound slide rest (with a cross feed of 4 inches) - giving the machine the capacity to perform very accurate wood turning on patterns, or handle light-duty metal turning.

This medium-size machine was unusual for a wood lathe in being fitted with a 9-inch wide, 28-inch diameter capacity detachable gap bed and V ways.
No portion of the piece of wood should be allowed to dry and shrink while another part is moist and swollen. The acrylic appears to be very tough and durable but I feel it doesn’t bring out the warmth of the wood and I think it shows in the pic.
Last year I decided I was serious about my hobby and I sought out a proper lathe, 650lb of vibration free cast iron.

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