Wood stain products oil based, thomas jefferson writing desk plans - Review

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OLYMPIC Premium Interior Oil Based Wood Stain is designed with a unique Absorption Control™ Formula to provide a beautiful, consistent finish - no blotching, streaking, or lap marks.
Zar ULTRA MAX Wood Stain from UGL uses a technology that combines the even color of an oil-based stain with the low odor, fast drying (two to three hours) and easy cleanup of waterbased. Hi, I am desperately seeking help on how to turn a concrete and painted column into a wood looking column.

This remarkable low odor formula penetrates deep into the wood fibers, sealing and protecting it for years to come. Can I use ZAR water based stain to get the effect you had on video (you used oil based stain).
For use on softer wood, OLYMPIC Premium Wood Conditioner can be applied to obtain an even color.

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