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The Speeco LS 401460 4-Way Wedge System is a complete replacement for the existing wedge on your SpeeCo or Huskee log splitters. Ok so I finally broke down and spent the money in hopes that a 4 way would really make a difference and speed up my production in splitting wood.

Well anyway I put it on my 22 ton husky and decided to give it a try, The result was less than what I had hoped for as the horizontal wings or blades are very small and short with very little width at the back of the blades to aid in separation also they are set back a good bit behind the leading edge of the vertical blade so that by the time they get to the wood it is already separated to the point that the little short horizontal blades never get a chance to really get a good bite into the wood to do a good job of splitting In that direction leaving me to have to wrestle the piece several times more than I would normally have to with the standard blade.

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