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You may want to make a small "holding stand" or cradle, also, the distance between the bulkheads is alittle large, many builders will fill in the empty spaces with balsa wood blocks so the planks have more surface area to hold onto when planking, (much less chance distorted or warped planking = less sanding and filling later)Good start, feed us more pictures as you get more done. I have to admit, the deck planking kinda scared me at first but it was fun as h*ll.Thanks for the tips on the stand and filler blocks guys, I'll look around locally and see if I can find something. I've now completed the first hull planking and I have to say I'm pretty impressed for a first timer. You could use any scrap wood for it but Balsa would probably be the easiest to sand down and shape.

I'll have to do some minor wood filling and sanding to get it prep'd for the 2nd layer.I also saw on another build site that someone had written a little something on the bulkhead before applying the planking. Seeing as this project is a dedication to the Bluenose model my father never got a chance to complete I thought I'd do the same thing. Maybe someone will x-ray it in 100 yrs LOLI want to thank you both for your tips before planking but I decided not to do that. This is my first model and I'm really inexperienced at that kind of thing so I went with what was supplied.

I'll be using brushes and paints based on the colour scheme from the practicum you guys directed me to.Thanks for compliment on the build, part of the credit has to go to the people who's help I've received from here along the way and the other builds I've peaked at on here. I went looking for the pics that were taken during the planking and the photo of the bulkhead inscription and apparently I was a moron and deleted them off the camera before copying to the PC.

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