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Photograph by Michael CogliantryOver the years, Popular Mechanics has published several articles about designing and building backyard storage sheds, many of which I'm proud to have written. More From Popular MechanicsMost wooden sheds are set on concrete blocks or treated-lumber skids. Shed – wikipedia, free encyclopedia, A shed, outhouse, outbuilding or shack, is typically a simple, single-storey roofed structure in a back garden or on an allotment that is used for storage, hobbies.
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These articles have always generated a lot of mail from readers looking for specific answers to their shed-building questions.
To accommodate our sloped site, we built on solid concrete blocks set on compacted crushed limestone.Start by laying out and staking the four corners of the shed. There's a common misconception that building permits are only required for sheds larger than 100 sq ft (or some other arbitrary size).
Material costs for our project came to around $2400.Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowClick on link for high-resolution version of the plans. I never build sheds with shallow-pitched roofs because they have very little interior headroom, they don't shed snow and debris very well--as you discovered--and frankly, I think they're ugly.For any gable-roof shed, I recommend a roof slope ranging between 10-in-12 (40 degrees) and 12-in-12 (45 degrees).

For more information and to see what sizes and styles of sheds are available, visit: Barns Built, Handy Home Products, The Cedar Store, and Lancaster County Barns.

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