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4: Sand with the Direction of Spin When sanding wood, move the tool in the same direction as the debris that is being thrown from the spinning bit. 7: Sanding Fine Details in Wood Specially designed radial bristle brushes allow you to sand fine carvings without loosing detail. 9: Roughing-out Carvings Sanding drum accessories are great for bringing a carving to shape after sawing it out. 11: Cleaning Wood Cutting Bits and Sanding Drums Many professional woodcarvers recommend using chemical oven cleaner to clean sawdust out of metal woodcarving bits.
16: Rounding the Tips of Pinwheels Pinwheels that are less-than-perfect can sometimes jam.
Tip #11: Using a torch to burn the wood out of burrs is mainly recommended for Tungsten Carbide burrs (the aggressive, pointy ones) that become clogged. Using a commercially-made sanding block cuts down on fatigue and gives a better result than using a wooden block.
Like a chef tasting food to check the seasoning, a woodworker should constantly feel the wood surface and look closely at it. If you are sanding the edge of a round table top, remember that the wood still has grain even though the shape is round.

For projects such as staining or refinishing wood furniture, a quality sanding job will significantly contribute to the workmanship of the final piece. While I can’t say I enjoy doing it, I have come to appreciate the importance of proper sanding. For years I would just grab a cut-off piece of wood, wrap some sand paper around it, and have at it. After too many projects where I’ve unintentionally rounded an edge because of sloppy sanding, I’ve learned to take extra care with edges. To achieve the best results, wood should be as smooth as possible before paint or stain is applied.
Though experienced woodworkers may sand against the grain in certain circumstances, they typically finish by sanding with the grain to remove imperfections.
Though sanding may not seem immediately gratifying, any imperfections that are missed during sanding can show through in the final piece.
To clear out stones, sanding drums, and sanding discs, run the tool against an abrasive belt cleaner.
A good sanding block will hold the paper in place and provide a soft backing with a little give to it.

Even though it felt like drudgery at the time, I learned a few tips for sanding wood worth passing along. Between those two portions, gradually shift the angle of your sanding from horizontal to vertical. Wood is a tactile material, so paying special attention to the places people are mostly likely to touch always pays off.
Innovative new sanders such as the linear sander Duplex LS 130 EQ from Festool tools reduce the manual labor that is traditionally involved with sanding intricate details like tongue and groove joints.
I’ll give you some tips for how to properly sand wood that will help you create a consistent, smooth surface that brings out the beauty of the wood.

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