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All Woodcraft solid wood furniture comes finished to order in one of our standard colours or custom matched. Woodcraft takes pride in crafting fine wood furniture of a variety of woods, but Canadian Maple wood is one of our most popular choices.
Our Cross- Canada Delivery continues to increase as confidence with internet purchasing from Woodcraft increases. We build a product range from the most basic to the most stylish, but the solid constants are always Woodcraft's solid quality, solid customer service and our solid guarantee, You'll find all our classic solid wood furniture collections available in Oak, Cherry, Maple and Pine, chosen from Canadian trees, and proudly crafted right here in Canada.

Whether you choose a maple dining table, or a maple table for another use in your home, you'll be assured of the same Woodcraft quality you've come to expect from every piece of wood furniture we make.
Over the last 20+ years we have restored and are familiar with many different species of wood, Gumwood, Oak, Fir, Walnut, Cherry and Pine.
A Woodcraft maple table is versatile enough to use as a kitchen table or dining table, with some wormy maple styles crafted with extra-thick surfaces. Our maple bedroom sets and entertainment units combine form and function with time-tested solid wood craftsamnaship.

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