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These wax sticks feature an exclusive blend of waxes offering superior glide and a more durable fill. To use: Simply rub the wood touch up stick over any defect or nail hole and wipe off any excess with a clean rag. Lemon Juice Mixed with Vegetable Oil – It sounds more like a salad dressing than a substance that can erase a scratch from a wood finish, but the acid from the lemon juice mixed with the oil is an excellent combination for eliminating scratches in wood finish.
Nuts – Many different types of nuts can be used as scratch fillers and nuts are inexpensive items that can be bought at most grocery stores. Crayons – Furniture scratch repair crayons can be purchased at local hardware stores, but regular old children’s crayons can just as easily be used as scratch fillers. We've put together this 30 second instructional video showing exactly how easy it is to fix scratches and dings in your new prefinished stair treads using our custom blended prefinished wood putty sticks.

Liberon Wax Filler Sticks are used for filling minor scratches, nail holes, small cracks, etc. Shave off a small piece & work in the fingers until it is soft enough to press into the crack or hole using a putty knife.
Each stick can touch-up many staircase installations but can also be used to touch-up wood flooring, furniture, cabinets, and many other wood products. Depending on the type of wood, the color of the finish, the depth of the scratch, and the location of the scratch, fixing the problem can be very simple. Simply crack open a walnut or an almond and rub the nut meat onto the scratched area of the wood. A box of 64 Crayola crayons is only a few dollars and will most likely contain a color that will match the wood.

The color intensity of the iodine can be diluted with denatured alcohol to match the color of the wood. Apply the staining wax first then rub the stick evenly over the surface filling all the small holes along the grain structure.
When in doubt, choose a colour shade slightly darker than the wood itself, this makes the repair less obvious. Suitable for use in furniture, wooden frames, beams, parquet floors & other woodworking applications.

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