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Categories: Woodworking Plans Dresser | Author: admin 02.01.2013

When school ended in June we stopped working on the house remodel completely so that we could have a “normal” summer when the kids were home and underfoot.  And now that start of school is less than a week away, we plan to FINALLY finish up all the loose ends. While my husband and son put the planks on the ceiling, I followed behind them with the painter’s caulk and filled some of the bigger cracks and knot holes in the wood to give it a smoother, less rustic look.  The process was pretty tedious but so worth it for the finished product!

Just last weekend, we began using the same paneling as in this post to cover our popcorn ceiling in the living room. Good luck to you too with the rest of your ceilings and I’ll look into getting a nail gun!!

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