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From planes and saws to levels, wrenches, and rules, antique hand tools are the pride and joy of many a collectors' possessions. Until planes were mass produced, many carpenters made their planes themselves, bought blades from blacksmiths, and carved decorations or initials into the plane. Bob Kaune - An incredibly easy-to-navigate site that sells many types of antique tools including saws, chisels and planes. Bring a 12-inch carpenter's square with you when you go antiquing to measure the prospective tool. Directory of American Tool and Machinery Patents - Very helpful resource for collectors who want to know more about the history of the tools they own (or are looking to buy). Brown Tool Auctions - Publishers of the Fine Tool Journal, Brown Tool auctions are known well by antique tool collectors.
Early American Industries Association - A wealth of information on tools and their histories. Old Tool Photos: Visit Old Tool Photos to get an idea of what may be out there, or to see a photo of a rare tool you may be wondering about.

Larry and Carole Meeker are a couple who run a website entitled, 'Tools of a Mechanical Nature.' They are highly specialized in their collections and while they do sell tools, they can also help you appraise something you own, buy something you're willing to sell or generally offer you helpful information via their websites.
Depending on the condition of the tool and its type, a good tool can be worth a few hundred dollars. They are used to hold a chisel stationary so that the woodworker can thin or shape boards of wood.
Disston is a noted manufacturer of antique handsaws, and you can tell a Disston saw by the stamped name on the spine and a gold medallion on the handle bearing a small insignia. Some of them are very valuable in the world of antique tools both because of their rarity and the type of materials that were used on them. The site organizes most tools by their manufacturer, making it easy to pick out something specific.
Donnelly's Antique Tools - Tools have to be bought at an auction, but the site lists the times and dates of upcoming auctions. Getting the tool's measurement will help you identify if it is authentic or not, and may also help you identify the manufacturer if unknown.

When you see a tool you think might be what you are looking for, check it against your list. In addition to a well-respected antique tool price guide, a wealth of information can be found on these sites, most of which are written by experienced collectors, hobbyists, and dealers.
From flea markets to online shops, it's possible to find enough antique and vintage hand tools to satisfy even a niche collector.
Whether you are a novice collector or are looking to add specific pieces to your collection, this handy guide will give you the basics of collecting antique hand tools. Educate yourself, make your purchases wisely and amass a tool collection worthy of any tool museum.

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