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Build it yourself with help from this paper plan!Add to your Arts & Crafts interior when you build this Mission-style Lamp. A full merchandise refund will be issued on any Wood Plans product returned within 30 days.
If purchased at a Woodcraft Store, please return the item directly to the store where your purchase was made.
Because this item is purchased and shipped directly from the manufacturer, their warranty supersedes any offered by Woodcraft.
After comparing the Popular Woodworking version to original photos of the lamp were some differences, so I came up with my own plans, attempting to stick as close as possible to the original photos. The PW plan has the lamp shade base attached inside the shade sides so it is not visible from the front.

The profile of the lamp base on the PW plan is thicker and more “blocky” looking where the original has a thinner profile. The bend wasn’t real crisp so I took a piece of wood and “creased” the bend which did the trick.
I wanted to make sure I didn’t screw through the shade so I did a mock up with a piece of wood the same thickness of the shade.
The Fallingwater museum shop was selling the bedside lamps but I do not find them on their site now. Returns of Wood Plans manufacturer-shipped items beyond 30 days are subject to a 25% restocking fee.
One of the accessories at Fallingwater which caught my attention was a bedside lamp, used in both the main house and guest house.

By chance I discovered an article on the Popular Woodworking Magazine website entitled Fallingwater Table Lamp and I decided then and there to build one.
I clamped thin pieces of wood to both sides of the aluminum, placed the aluminum on the edge of the work bench and bent it. Perhaps I'm cynical, but I'd bet ready money that that is how those lamps were put together.

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