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This beautiful and elegant table was recently built in the woodworking shop of a Italian craftsman. Vincenzo contacted me towards the end of 2010 after viewing the post, Creating your own Wood Inlay Bandings…The Secrets Revealed. The inlay banding for Vincenzo’s table was built using the band saw along with a shop built tilting band saw miter sled. Vincenzo…Thank you for sharing your finished product with all of us as it is very inspiring.
Our three showrooms offer amazing deals like that on extraordinary - but affordable - furniture. You could wait for the tax-free weekend, but be aware that the item you covet might be gone by then.
What really sparked their excitement, though, was the sight of our showroom in Hanover, chock full of extraordinary furniture at bargain prices. Over the course of the week, my sister-in-law and her husband found the furniture of their dreams in our showrooms. Among the many things I learned from that experience was that furniture has to be functional. If you're looking for bunks - or any kind of kid furniture built to survive major shenanigans - skip the lumberyard. Only a few weeks ago, someone had lobbed an unsolicited offer to buy her home for a price she couldn't resist.
Furniture maker Greg Klassen brings the beauty of the Pacific Northwest indoors with the River Collection, a series of incredible reclaimed wood tables embedded with glass pieces that evoke crystal clear lakes rivers and lakes. From coffee tables to large conference desks, Klassen’s handcrafted furnishings all include a brilliant inlay of blue-green glass.

While most of Klassen’s pieces consist of rectilinear edges with a river-like glass inlay, he has also explored other shapes such as his Cedar Lake Table created from the cross section of a Western Red Cedar with a lake-shaped glass sheet set in the center. I’m a sustainability graduate and I can tell you that when an LCA (life cycle analysis) is conducted on wood v plastic.
Klassen sustainably sourced the wood for the tabletops from the banks of the Nooksack River, which flows below his studio in Washington.
Vincenzo, our woodworking friend lives in the beautiful Mediterranean town of Mazara del Vallo which is on the west coast of the island of Sicily.
It was at this time that Vincenzo asked if I would consider filming a video of this wood inlay banding pattern. Notice how the ornamental wood inlay banding design is laid out on the drawer’s face. Your wonderful wood inlay bandings provide a lovely accent for a finely crafted table that will surely be an heirloom. He cut down the trees that week and earned a seat at the family table for dinners on Sunday. Rob, foreman of the delivery team, has logged more overtime in July than any month this year.
While enjoying a week in one of the nation's most beautiful cities, my in-laws furnished their house for a fraction of what they would have paid at a new furniture showroom in Cincinnati. My dad picked up a couple of pine boards at the lumberyard, shoved them through a circular saw and drilled a couple of holes for bolts.
For most of his pieces, the hand-cut glass is used to merge two live-edge slabs together and mimics the appearance of a meandering river.
As one can see in the photos the inlay segments are all of equal length and have uniform angles that make for nice, tight joints of the banding pattern.

This summer, we've sold more furniture - of every make and style - than any other summer in memory.
You will find the good stuff, made well, at the best prices at Furniture Consignment Gallery. Made mostly from salvaged walnut or maple, each furniture piece celebrates the wood's unique character by leaving the natural grain, holes, and edges intact.
The polished wood set on either side of the glass become the riverbanks, and the natural lines of the grain allude to topographic shapes in the landscape.
His table is made of wonderfully grained walnut and has shop made decorative wood inlay bandings of maple and rosewood. The photos also indicate how well the width of the inlaid wood bandings fit into the routed out recesses. So seeing the sights of Boston was actually secondary to the real mission: shopping at Furniture Consignment Gallery. The wood finish consists of six coats of shellac and buffings of wax that bring about a gloss finish.
Along this same line, keen woodworking skills and patience were employed when the furniture inlays were applied to this exquisite piece of furniture. We've got three showrooms full of quality furniture and new mattresses at prices you'll love.

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