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On this page I’ll tell you how I make a wood filler using sawdust and glue here at the restoration shop. As for sawdust, my preference is the fine saw dust from sanding, rather than wood shavings which don’t mix well.
I start by pouring glue into a small pile of sawdust and mix the two together with my putty knife.
A well-mixed slurry of sawdust and glue will be workable enough to hold some shape, but not runny. As seen below, a thin layer of glue is put on the surface just before applying the wood filler. Using the putty knife, the filler is applied by repeatedly packing it into the damaged area.
Depending on the project, the filler may then need to be colored or touched up to help blend in. One of the main issues that I see building a truss Dob in this size is trying to avoid a top-heavy instrument and still keep within the intended design, a stubby mirror box and low profile rocker.

The 6 struts are made from 16mm wood dell cut into 46mm lengths, which fit snuggly into their respective 16mm seats.
Before gluing I put the rings and the struts together to make sure everything fit and looked ok. Clamping the cage wall to an old newtonian tube made it easier to sand and prepare it for staining. To make sure new upholstery tacks will hold properly, I use a homemade wood putty mixed from sawdust and glue. A dry mixture will not adhere correctly, and a runny mixture will shrink and need additional applications. Woodworkers unable to find a filler to match the wood on which they are working sometimes resort to making their own. Minwax ® offers a variety of easy-to-use products to help clean and repair wood that is chipped, cracked, scratched, even decayed, to its. The focuser, spider and secondary mirror along with the heaviest eyepiece I own make up a considerable portion of the upper end weight.

If I were repairing a different kind of surface, I might use a plane, or just sandpaper, and not a file. Woodcraft offers over 20,000 woodworking tools, woodworking plans, woodworking supplies for the passionate woodworker.. If we keep the two boards, which will eventually become the lower and upper secondary rings in the same orientation, the counter sunk seats should line up perfectly. I tacked the two boards (still joined) to the workbench making sure to tack the outer excess, the rings and the inner excess separately.

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