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Wood fences in Plano, TX built by Lifetime Fence Company are built to last for many years, largely due to the fact that we only use the highest quality cedar for our wood fences. Wood fences are the fence of choice in Plano, TX to serve as privacy fences, security fences, yard fences and gated areas.
Automatic gates are available in many custom designs and add curb appeal to your home in Plano, TX. Before deciding on a fence, We recommend checking with your HOA  and the City of Plano to see the requirements for fences in your neighborhood. The purpose of this article is to regulate the construction, erection, enlargement, alteration, and maintenance of all fences within the boundaries of the city in order to provide a practical safeguarding of life, health, and property from hazards that may arise from improper construction of such installations. It shall be unlawful for any person to install or cause to be installed, or to permit  any person to install a fence, or to make any alterations, additions or changes to a fence, without first having procured a permit to do so from the building official.               Notwithstanding the foregoing, a permit shall not be required for alterations, additions or changes if repairs do not exceed twenty-five (25) percent of the area of the fence over a twelve-month period. When installing a new fence parallel to and within three (3) feet of an existing fence               on the same lot, the existing fence shall be removed. No fence constructed in such a manner that it may continuously conduct electrical               current may be allowed in any zoning district wherein farm animals are not allowed. Single-strand wires designed to conduct electricity through an approved low-voltage regulator shall be allowed only along the interior base line of an otherwise permitted fence.
The fence shall not be out of vertical alignment more than one (1) foot from the vertical                  measured at the top of the fence.
Protect your home, family, and pool with an 8 ft tall or 6 ft tall Cedar Board on Board Privacy Fence. Every Style of Wood Fence built by our company in the Plano area is constructed with the quality and craftsmanship that has come to be expected from a Lifetime Fence. Lifetime Roofing and Fence Company, LLC specializes in new fence construction, fencing repair, new roofing and roof repair.

Metal fencing give you the timeless look of a traditional wrought iron fence, but at a lower cost. The automatic gates that we custom build at Lifetime Fence Company are attractive and designed to not only add curb appeal to your home, they also provide privacy, security, and ease of access.
However, this article shall not apply to fences erected or maintained in districts within the city which               are zoned agricultural. Fence arms may be permitted on fences located               in heavy industrial or light industrial districts so long as they do not extend beyond               the property line. The chief building official’s office shall be notified upon               completion of the fence. Except, however, for fencing four (4) feet or less                  in height, the vertical alignment shall not be more than six (6) inches from the vertical                  measured at the top of the fence.
Nothing herein shall be construed so as                  to prohibit the complete removal of a fence, unless such fence encloses a swimming                  pool or spa. An enclosure shall be a fence, wall or building not less than four (4) feet in height               with no openings, holes or gaps larger than four (4) inches measured in any direction               except that measurement for a picket fence (one composed primarily of vertical members)               shall be measured in a horizontal direction between members. All plans submitted to the city for swimming pools to be constructed shall show compliance               with the requirements of this section, and the final inspection and approval of all               pools constructed shall be withheld until all requirements of this section have been               complied with by the owner, purchaser under contract, lessee, tenant, or licensee. This is the fence that will provide the most security and privacy, and also is the sturdiest and most stylish fence option available. If you need a sturdy fence that looks great and will last many years, and you are on a budget, the 6′ tall side by side cedar fence is your best choice.
We stand behind every fence we build, and all of our fences are backed with our Lifetime warranty. Metal fences in Plano also have the added benefit of requiring very little maintenance in comparison to wrought iron or wood fences.

The chief building official will issue a card of acceptance               if the fence complies with the provisions of this article or reject the fence if it               does not so comply. This allows you to spend less time maintaining your fence, and more time enjoying the beauty and privacy provided by your cedar wood fence. Our metal fences are made from high quality steel and are preferred by many over aluminum fencing due to the durability that steel fencing is known for.
Lifetime Fence Company reserves the right to review and possible void a contract prior to project commencement. All of our wood fences in Plano are built with the exceptional quality that is expected of a wood fence built by Lifetime Fence Company.
Aluminum fences can be easily bent, and though aesthetically appealing, they are not recommended for security fences. Calls for repair of such non covered items will be subject to a $75 trip charge) Removal of fence’s sign void warranty. Our metal fences are resistant to impact, making them perfect for security gates! If you are looking for a fence for your home in Plano that will last a lifetime, a metal fence custom built onsite by Lifetime Fence Company is your best option. Any shrubbery, vines, trees, limbs, etc growing on, or affecting the structure of the fence voids warranty. All materials including posts, concrete, wood, steel caps, panels, nails, and all other materials are the property of Lifetime Roof and Fence Company until job is paid in full.

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