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This story gives you details about the different types of composite boards available for your built-in projects. Oriented strand board (OSB) has bonded wood chips laid up in layers, each running in a different direction. Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) uses very fine wood fibers for an extremely smooth surface. Elma, WA-based NewWood Manufacturing has developed an innovative line of composite building panels that are made of 50% recycled plastic and 50% recycled wood.

Today's forest products industry seeks to minimize waste by using every ounce of wood -- from wood chips and flakes to sawdust -- in the manufacture of sheet goods that are generally called composite wood products. Hang a tilt-stop, made of 2x4 material, from the exposed overhead joists to catch the outside sheets when you pull out an inner one. We applaud the use of post-consumer materials, but we would also be interested in knowing how this product affects energy usage while in use. Utilizing post-consumer and post-industrial wood and plastic waste, NewWood is dedicated to making “Better materials to build a better world.” NewWood makes for a superior building material because it is waterproof, insect resistant, durable and easy to use.

NewWood cuts like wood and performs like plastic – and, of course, it’s eco-friendly. Sustainable design uses highly efficient, low-resource impact materials (like these) that durably maintain the building envelope integrity over time, reducing energy needed to heat and cool its space.

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