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ToolMonger linked to a pretty cool tool for aiding in the sharpening of curved blades – the Oar Sharpener. SMALL FROE OR HACKING KNIFE This is not really a bookbinding tool, but is used to split wood or bamboo to make tools. I was recently looking at some larger carving tools (50 -60 mm) for future purchase, I like doing big projects, and I noticed that at least with the Pfiel tools that they seemed to have a second bevel right at the edge. It holds an edge well and when you get used to sharpening the curve, is a great improvement on my previous English styled knife.”  Peter Geraty, Praxis Bindery, Easthampton, MA. Avoid cheap stones from Asia.) The finishing benchstone for the final sharpening is a TRANSLUCENT Arkansas, and should be called thus, not 'fine', 'white', 'hard' or 'soft'. The chisel seems to remove wood pretty well but when i tried to carve with the run of grain as in a letter T the pine just splintered and would not come out clean.

Me, I'd leave the chisels as they are and use them for more woodworking applications and treat myself to proper lettering chisels with the 2 bevels. As of 2011, shipping large items, such as the Nokey, Sharpening System, In-situ Book Conservation Fixture, etc… can be very expensive—consider yourself warned.
Classic hand Tools in the UK or Tools for Working Wood in the USA are distributors for both. Overall length about 7 inches (180mm) and weighs .7 oz (20g), though the weight varies and depends primarily on the species of the wood handles, which vary. If you get a translucent stone, which looks translucent when oiled up, you will be sure of getting the cutting quality that gives us the final edge we want for our carving tools. You'll quickly have a few tools you can play with elsewhere and as you move on to other carving, sharpen tools AS YOU NEED THEM.

This way you'll get into your carving quicker - which is, after all what it's all about - and you'll build up your working kit of tools efficiently.
The new products will include bi-metal hole saws, double-fluted step drill bits and wood boring bits.

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